About me

Why did I start Lunae Novae?

A few years ago I started to delve into spirituality. Read many books, did courses and went on a retreat in the South of France in September 2021. I got closer and closer to myself and little by little I discovered my personal values ​​in life. Or rather, I could deny it less and less.

I worked in Castricum (also my place of residence) and actually had a very nice versatile job at an insurance office where I had my own position as a private contact person. Gradually the dynamics of the small-scale office changed, but especially I changed. More and more I realized that I was in a straitjacket and that that is actually something I don't naturally fit into. Life at the office and especially here near the Randstad no longer felt like a place where I was going to be happy.

The plan arose to start something for myself, so that I had the freedom to fill in my life the way I want to fill it in. My boyfriend has his own company in online marketing and together we came up with the idea that my own webshop would tick all the boxes for me. From an early age I have always been creative, although I completely forgot about this at some point…

When I picked up this piece again by starting with the spiritual designs, I noticed that I bloomed completely again, forgot the time while hobbying and above all didn't feel like something 'must'. In addition, it gives me a rich and fulfilled feeling that my work could provide something of relief for someone, something that matters and someone can make their world more beautiful.

After a lot of new ideas, experiments, falling, getting up and starting all over again, I have arrived at these end products. Of course I will expand much more and I will mainly be guided by everything that comes my way.

I think it's fantastic to make something beautiful with my intention for someone who sees the value of this. That is ultimately my goal. That you buy or give a design that symbolizes something and can arouse a beautiful feeling or emotion every time. But above all a decoration in a place in the house where you can always draw strength from.

So I also hope that everyone who buys, gives or receives an item feels the love that went into it!

Lots of love,
Romy Quax