Sterrenbeeld Schorpioen, de betekenis

Zodiac sign Scorpio, the meaning

Zodiac sign Scorpio? Then you were born between October 23 and November 22! Read all about the zodiac sign Scorpio.

The Scorpio constellation is known as one of the dark, profound signs of the zodiac. People with the zodiac sign Scorpio look mysterious and are often said to have dark hair and dark eyes. Something to fear? Certainly not! Scorpios are also very emotional on the inside, a soft side that Scorpios don't show quickly. The Constellation, the most intense sign of the zodiac. So read on quickly!

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Meaning

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Mars and Pluto are the ruling planets of the constellation Scorpio.

  • Pluto; stands for sudden change, devastation and transformation;
  • Mars; stands for action, perseverance and sexuality.

People with the zodiac sign Scorpio are mysterious, intense, determined, withdrawn, secretive, loyal, fanatical, passionate, profound and very sensitive in astrology.

(General) properties of the scorpion

The Zodiac sign Scorpio represents depth and extremes. Scorpios do not like mediocrity and will therefore not easily compromise. If you were born with the zodiac sign Scorpio, hate and love will be familiar to you. You will not soon forget receiving love or a kind gesture, but once hurt by a loved one, it is difficult to forgive them. Because Scorpios tend to come across as secretive, people tend to think you're cold, independent, and aloof, when you're actually goal-oriented, passionate, and emotionally inclined, which doesn't easily show you as a Scorpio. The water sign Scorpio is drawn to the hidden, secret world. You have a strong intuition and are also very interested in spirituality and esotericism.

Scorpio zodiac sign, characteristics at work

Scorpios like to work hard, independently and therefore prefer to be left alone, so that they can do their own thing. Scorpios have great willpower and giving up is not an option. Although the willpower is great, Scorpios are also sore losers and very afraid of failure, even if they prefer not to talk about it. Tasks at work are - by the smart and highly focused Scorpios - approached in a penetrating and careful way. Most Scorpios have leadership in them, they enjoy having power and authority. Due to the strong characteristics of the Scorpio, they must learn to deal with this responsibly.

Scorpio zodiac sign, characteristics in love and relationships

Scorpios have something mysterious about them, which attracts others in love, but they are also very charming, with a good dose of humor, albeit with a sharp edge. The Scorpio does not rush into a relationship and is not likely to fall in love. Once the Scorpio has opened up to love, they do everything with passion and dedication. The Scorpio zodiac sign is very loyal.

A pitfall for the Scorpio is that they don't get too jealous or possessive and regularly need space to withdraw and get their thoughts straight. The Scorpio can also be distant and not share feelings. This quality can cause partners or relationships to keep their distance, which makes Scorpios doubt the partner's fidelity.

Which zodiac sign matches the Scorpio?

The Pisces zodiac sign is a good match for the Scorpio. They offer a lot of sympathy and loyalty, and because both zodiac signs are sentimental, they will understand each other well.

Like Scorpio, the Cancer zodiac sign has emotional depth. Cancer, on the other hand, is a little more open than Scorpio. When the Cancer zodiac sign learns not to take Scorpio's sharp edges too personally and not talk too much about the past, these zodiac signs are an excellent match!

A marriage between the zodiac sign Capricorn and Scorpio could last for a long time, both zodiac signs are characterized by loyalty, dedication, ambition and determination. While these traits are a great match, it can also feel cool and distant between these two zodiac signs at times.

Scorpio birthstone

The birthstone of the Scorpio is the soft rose quartz, but the Tourmaline is also very popular. In November, Citrine is the birthstone of Scorpio. This yellow stone gives Scorpio strength, courage and energy, and can cheer up the Scorpio zodiac sign towards the dark months.

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