Spirituele symbolen en hun geschiedenis

Spiritual symbols and their history

Spiritual symbols, what are they and what do these beautiful symbols mean?

Within the spiritual world there are many kinds of spiritual symbols to find and discover. But which symbols are actually all there, what meaning do these spiritual symbols have and what can you get from these symbols? We have listed the most important spiritual symbols for you!

History of Spiritual Symbols

A symbol is literally translated an 'image', 'thing', 'animal' or 'flower' that has a certain special meaning through years of tradition or convention. Some symbols have been used for centuries because of their spiritual significance. A symbol is very similar to a logo, also known as a figurative mark, where it has or gives a certain meaning. A symbol was once created / made up because of a certain religion or culture and has had a spiritual meaning ever since:


Chakras come from traditional Indian culture, where they believe that everything consists of energy. It Chakra symbol consists of 7 Chakras, these are seen as the 7 energy points that are located in our body, which are important for our life force. Each of the 7 chakras has its own color and symbol, which follow the length of the spine, starting at the base (root chakra) and ending just above the head (crown chakra).

Lotus flower

The lotus flower grows in the deep mud, far away from the sun and symbolizes transformation from darkness to light. In various cultures, the lotus flower is considered a symbol of purity, enlightenment, purity, protection, self-recovery and rebirth.

Hamsa hand

The Hand of Fatima, the Hamsa Hand, is an ancient Middle Eastern talisman, a protective symbol within all religions. The Hamsa Hand is worn to protect against the evil eye, and brings good health and good luck.

Ankh cross

One of the most recognizable symbols from ancient Egypt is the Ankh cross, also called the cross of life. The Ankh cross therefore stands for eternal life (after death). The symbol is an ancient hieroglyph for life or breath of life and is one of the oldest good luck charms and was often used as a talisman for protection. The sign is worn by many gods, goddesses and pharaohs on drawings, to indicate that they possess creative and cosmic powers.


Infinity, the symbol of infinity. The infinity symbol has been in use for over a thousand years and represents the eternal in the universe and the cosmos around it. The shape of the symbol is a reclining 8 figure and has a long tree trunk. The infinity symbol is used to draw strength from, but also has an important meaning in faith, spirituality and religious beliefs. In modern symbolism, the infinity symbol is often seen as a snake eating its own tail, the infinite.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life, in Dutch the tree of life, has a long history, which has crossed many cultures. The Tree of Life is the symbol of energetic connection, the tree has roots that reach deep into the soil, and recognizes this connection with Mother Earth. The leaves and branches of the Tree of Life reach into the sky, the energy that is given from heaven causes transformation.

Eye of Horus

One of the most famous symbols from ancient Egypt is the Eye of Horus. This magical sign is symbolic of giving protection, health and rejuvenation to the one who wears it. In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was used as an amulet for its protective powers.


The moon symbol has many different meanings. For many people, the moon is seen as the opposite of the sun, to balance the world. It is in Western and Chinese culture moon symbol for feminine energy, while African, Japanese and Oceanic cultures see the moon as a masculine symbol.


The Ohm symbol originates in Hinduism and is one of the most important Sanskrit symbols. The Ohm (AUM) sign is a graceful symbol, a mystical and sacred syllable that lets you experience how powerful the cosmos is. The Ohm sign symbolizes the three stages of existence, namely birth, life and death.


Mandala, a symbol which literally means 'circle'. Circles have a very powerful meaning in many religions and traditions, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandalas are used to form symbolic relationships between the universe and the mind. The Mandala is also seen as the symbol of creativity.


The Sun gives us energy, power and influence and is also known as the symbol of life. The sun symbol has a strong meaning and represents the center of the universe. The sun makes us brighter and makes us shine, just like the sun.


The Star symbol embodies the notion of spiritual revelation within each of us. Often the Star is considered a symbol of truth, spirit and hope. A light that shines in the darkness, representing the conflict of the unexplainable.


Buddha is one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism and is recognized all over the world as the symbol of this religious movement. The laughing Buddha brings happiness, contentment and abundance to one's life.


The Hexagram is a six-pointed symbol, which consists of two intertwined triangles. The symbol represents, among other things, the contrast between man and fire (point upwards) and woman and water (point downwards). The most famous hexagrams are the Star of David, from the flag of Israel, and the Solomon Seal, the seal of King Solomon, which is said to aid in incantations.


The Scarab, or the sacred beetle from Ancient Egypt. The Scarab symbol represents 'coming to life', but also carries the meaning 'spiritual'. The symbol shows how a beetle rolls out a ball of dung in front of it, in which the Scarab lays its eggs. According to the Ancient Egyptians, the beetles originated from this dung, which symbolizes new life, immortality, reproduction, renewal and wisdom.


The Hourglass symbol represents human life and the ephemeral life of humanity. The Hourglass symbol represents the passing of life, good and evil, day and night. Although it may seem that the Hourglass represents mortality, the opposite is true. The Hourglass stands for resurrection and eternal life, so reason enough to turn the Hourglass when it has been counted out.


The Ying & Yang sign is also known as a Tai Chi symbol and is characterized by a circle containing two halves, split by an S-shaped line. The white half has a black dot, the black half has a white dot. Both points are exactly in the middle of their own half. The Ying Yang symbol represents harmony and balance.

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