Maan ritueel, hoe werkt dat?

Moon ritual, how does that work?

At the new and full moon you can do a nice ritual for yourself. Even if you don't believe in the power of the moon, these cards also ensure that you always stop for a while between the hustle and bustle. It helps you to stay focused on your goal, but also to look back each month on the things you are grateful for.

With every moon ritual, the new or full moon is in a star sign of the zodiac. It is nice to read up on which zodiac sign the moon is in, so that you can give your intentions a little more strength and depth. Through my Instagram I will keep you informed of every new and full moon and what may have the attention in these days.

At the full moon, the moon is fully visible and the moon's power is at its strongest. It's best to use her power to refer to past weeks. Take a rest, complete projects and plans and look at what you are grateful for. What went well? What are you happy with? Take a moment to reflect on the positive events of the past few weeks. Maybe you also did a ritual last month. Have you been able to let go of what you wanted to let go of?
The full moon represents letting go of what no longer serves you. What stops you from moving on. What no longer helps you? What gives you negative energy?
This is the time to let go of everything.

At the new moon, the moon is not visible. The sun is between the moon and the earth, so no light can be seen. Yet the power of the new moon is very strong. The time is right to start with new ideas and goals. What do you want to start next month? It is the right time to express your wishes and start good intentions. Now is less time to rest.
This is also the ideal time to detox. So be kind to yourself, have a juice instead of a snack and go for a walk outside.

What I like about the cards is that it is easy to see what your intentions, wishes, etc. have been. I keep them in my journal, but I don't have to rush through all the pages and read between all the stories to see what I wrote down for previous months.

It's good to find yourself a nice place where you can't be disturbed. You can light candles, incense, palo santo or sage. This is to cleanse the space so that you are completely in your own energy. I always find it very nice to do a nice meditation in advance. This can be a random meditation, but via the Mediation Moments app, for example, you can also listen to a beautiful full moon meditation every month. It brings you back to yourself and ensures that you are open to your own thoughts. Sometimes your intentions come up in silence immediately, what you are grateful for, what you want to let go of, what new plans you want to start etc.. Other times it comes the moment you start writing. Everything is fine, try not to put too much pressure on it, let it come what comes.

When you are completely turned in yourself you can take the cards. You can write the zodiac sign and the date. So that you can always look back at where and when you set your intentions and whether it came true.

Write down what comes to your heart…
Try not to explain too much and keep it short and sweet so that your intentions are clear.

For extra strength you can place your card in the moonlight (for example in the windowsill). Leave it here for a night or 2 nights.

Always keep your card. In your journal or in the bag provided so that you can always read it back. Good luck and fun <3!
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