Geboorteposters, magische decoratie voor thuis!

Birth posters, magical decoration for your home!

The position of the moon on the day, time and place of birth says something about your child. Just as the position of the stars says something about the constellation, the position of the moon also says something about the character and interests. During a lunar cycle, the moon goes through eight different lunar phases: new moon, waxing moon, first quarter, jumping moon, full moon, waning moon, last quarter, and ashen moon.

Date of birth and its meaning

Learning the lunar personality can give a lot of insight into its signature traits. With this knowledge you can better understand your child and find out what the 'weak' sides can be, but especially what powerful properties he or she possesses. This makes you better able to let your child shine the fullest light.

If you really want to deepen your birth chart, you can have it calculated by an astrologer. A birth chart is many times more extensive than just the zodiac sign or the phase of the moon. It is so beautiful and insightful to read about this and thus better guide the education of your child.

You can make the day of your child's birth, probably the most special day of the parents' lives, tangible by hanging the birth moon with a beautiful frame in a special place in your home. This way you will always be reminded of this special day. Whether the children have already left home or not, the moon phase birth posters will always be a nice memento of your children in your home. It is not only a bit more subtle than photos and also a magical decoration.

Moon phase birth list

At Lunae Novae you can find beautiful gold moon phase birth poster give it a special place in your home. The birth moon is handmade with homemade gold watercolor paint and gilded with real gold leaf so that it literally becomes a beautiful item that enlightens your heart every time. You will also receive a personal card with the characteristics of your child and it will be gracefully and carefully packed with dried flowers.

You can give this to yourself or it is a wonderful baby shower gift. But the gifts also do very well on Mother's Day or Father's Day. The posters are timeless and are therefore always nice to receive or give to friends or family.

Don't forget to check out the birth posters with zodiac sign by Luna Novae. These can also be personalized. Of course you will also receive a nice card with the powerful characteristics of the constellation.

You won't get more personal and unique!

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