Alles over jouw sterrenbeeld en geboortehoroscoop

Everything about your zodiac sign and birth chart

If you like to delve into astrology but don't really know much about it yet, read some extra information about your birth chart here. Your birth chart is actually a screenshot of the starry sky and the position of the moon, sun and planets at the time you were born and together this says a lot about who you are.

It can be very interesting but also insightful to your natal chart to be calculated by an astrologer. To an astrologer, your "zodiac sign" is the sign your sun is in when you are born, and a real horoscope goes much further than that. So you not only look at the position of the sun, but also at that of the moon and planets such as Mercury, Venus, Mars and more. Each position reveals something different about you and all this information together can give you a good idea of ​​certain qualities or pitfalls. But also how you express yourself to the outside world, how you feel internally and how you can express it externally, what your emotions are, what you can have difficulty with and where your strengths lie. Astrology is meant to help us focus our energy on the positive aspects, gain a better understanding of our potential and gain our positive qualities and acknowledge the negative ones so that we can protect ourselves.

In addition to the well-known sun sign constellation, there is also a moon sign and an ascendant. The sun sign shows what zodiac sign the sun was in at the time you were born, the moon sign is the sign the moon was in at the time of your birth and the ascendant (also called 'the rising sign') is determined by the point of the zodiac that was on the eastern horizon at the time you were born.


Your zodiac sign is a collection stars which form a figure if you connect them by lines. Constellations are given the name that human imagination has given to that shape. Your zodiac sign provides insight into your identity and your character, your personality traits: in other words, your ego. This sign indicates how you view yourself. Each zodiac sign has a gemstone, a stone that can give you extra strength and that strengthens your real self when this stone is near you. Are you curious which gemstone matches your zodiac sign ?


Your ascendant briefly shows what kind of first impression you make on your environment. Your way. Most people who don't recognize themselves very well in their zodiac sign find that their ascendant is much more accurate. That's not surprising because this sign shows how you come across to people. It may be that you (like many others) are much more concerned with the outside world instead of your inner world, which actually makes you feel better matched with your ascendant.

The ascendant tells something about your individual characteristics, but also about your physical appearance, for example your stature, color of your hair and shape or size of your eyes or your weight. Naturally, hereditary factors must be taken into account.

Moon sign

The moon in your horoscope represents emotions. The moon provides insight into what makes you feel emotionally safe or unsafe, but also how you deal with emotions. For example, do you prefer to keep your emotions and feelings to yourself or are you really an open book? And do you need firmness, certainty and stability or do you like surprises and are you fickle? The moon sign says something about your true nature. It emerges, for example, in uncertain situations or with the people closest to you.

If these signs mean a lot to you, I would like to think along with you about how we can put them together in a design so that you can give this personal piece a nice place in your home.

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